Monday, June 16, 2008


THE DhammaPada is one of the fifteen important treatises that comprise the Khuddaka Nikãya, the fifth Smaller Collection of the Sutta Pitaka, the Basket of Discourses.

The DhammaPada consists of 423 melodious Pãli verses, uttered by the Buddha on about 300 occasions, to suit the temperaments of the listeners in the course of his preaching tours during his ministry of forty-five years. Circumstances that leed to these noble utterances are presented in the form of short or long stories, together with traditional interpretations of the Pãli verses and technical terms, in the voluminous commentary written by Buddhaghosa. This valuable commentary has been ably translated by E.W. Burlinghame for the Harvard Oriental Series. It must be said that most of these verses are better understood when read with the context.

This blogs will lead you to an Archive of MP3 tracks that are to be used to make Six Audio CDs.

The Pali Stanza chanting is by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swamin Wahanse. The sinhala verses were sung by Neranjala Abeysinghe.

Each folder contains MP3 files for one Audio CD.
Download all files to your Computer.
Open Nero or any CD Writer programme.
Drag the MP3 files for a CD on to writer to make an AUDIO cd.
You will make 6 Audio discs.
If you have problems
Ask me


As you do not find time to listen to a MP3 disc containing 7 hours of chants, and also to help you to find a particular Chapter conveniently its best you make Audio discs from thse MP3 tracks

If you would like to get a copy printed to read at your leasure,
Dhammapadaya is available for free downloading and printing either in English or Sinhala.

English Version Translated by Ven. Weragoda Sarada Thero

To read English Translation on the net in English
English Version translated by Ven Narada Maha thero
Dhammapadaya by David Evans


dbandaraj said...

Thank you so much...! Nice Work!

Krishantha said...

Good work.. Thanks.

Mike said...


For some reason, some of the files were not available for download. Here si the list:

CD02 Track 06 missing
CD03 Intro track missing
CD03 Track 16 missing
CD06 Track 25 missing

The number of downloads also showed that these tracks were not available.

Dilminidu said...

I have the Dhammapadaya flash edition CD. It has all the features in photos also in 3 languages Sinhala, English & Chinese. I've searched the web, this is not available for free download anywhere.

I'm willing to distribute this free of charge. The total file size is 462MB.

Download Dhammapadaya from here

Download all 5 parts and extract to the same folder. Then you can use Dhammapadaya. You don't need to write these files to a CD. I copied these files from a damaged CD. Hence about 5% of the files are missing. Click "DHAMMA.exe" in part 1 to start